• St. LouisPartners for Paws
  • is a Project BasedNon-Profit Organization
  • Partnering withthe St. Louis Community
  • to SupportPet Welfare...Welcome!

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Project: Hydrotherapy for Rescue Dogs

Please check our our Hydrotherapy Program page.

formsProject: Emergency Planning

Do you have a care plan in an emergency for your pets? We have put together prinatble forms for you to fill out about each of your pets, you will need to then hand them off to a trusted friend or family member so they can carry out your wishes in time of an emergency. Please check out our Emergency Planning page where you can find PDF forms to fill out to make an emergency plan for your dog, cat, rabbit and other pets.

Project: Pet Food Distribution

Pet food donations will be taken in the fall as we plan our pet food drive to help people keep their pets. We will be working in conjunction with Operation Food Search to collect pet food so that it can be distributed to local food pantries. People in the St. Louis community can then pick up what they need to keep their pets fed to. Please consider donating to this great project.

Project: Pet Wheelchair Collection/Distribution

Pet wheelchairs can be donated to us and we will see that they are passed on to another pet in need. Many pets in the St. Louis area are in need of a wheelchair to help with disabilities in their legs due to arthritis, paralysis, and other medical coditions. Please contact us if you have a pet wheelchair to donate. Call us at 636.575.0788. Thank you.

More pet welfare projects
and events in the works!!

About Us

Partners for Paws is a 501c3 non-profit organization, we are an expierenced group of long time volunteers that work together well and have worked to support pet rescue for many years. Some of the St. Louis community based groups our directors/volunteers have worked with in the past are:
Humane Society of Missouri
Open Door Animal Sanctuary
American Eskimo Dog Rescue
Dirk's Fund
Missouri House Rabbit Society
Retired Greyhounds as Pets (REGAP)
Stray Rescue of St. Louis
Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS)
Animal Protective Association
Five Acres